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Perma Lube

Perma units dispense all types of grease or oil for a period ranging from 1 to 12 months depending on the type of activating screw chosen. PERMA Single Point Automatic Lubricator Product Line:

  • PERMA Star - Transparent, Electromechanical Temperature Independent Unit
  • PERMA Classic - The Original - Metal Casing Unit
  • PERMA Futura - Transparent Corrosion Proof Unit
  • PERMA Frost - Cold Weather Unit
The Classic, Futura and Frost units are gas generated and the Star is battery operated. The PERMA's power or pressure generating element is all self-contained. Simple. The PERMA's pressure activated system gives you a controlled amount of lubricant flow 24 hours a day.

On the Classic, Futura, and Frost simply screw in the "activating screw" which will release an activating tablet into a chamber of electrolyte, creating a pressurized gas.
On the Star set the control switch.
The controlled pressure pushes a piston, dispensing the lubricant into a bearing.

Perma Classic 1 Month
Perma Classic 3 Month
Perma Classic 6 Month
Perma Classic 12 Month
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